Learn to Dance!

Desert Stars Polynesia

Hula and Tahitian Dance


Classes are held at Starlet Dance Studio, 6528 4th St NW, Albuq., NM  87107

Our combo class offers the beginning student a chance to take hula and Tahitian dance in one class.  A fun way to learn the beautiful dances of Polynesia and stay fit.  First class is free of charge.

Aloha, la Orana, Hi.  Come dance with us and share our passion.  Feel your soul stir as you move to the beat of Tahitian drums and the sweet strains of the Hawaiian ukulele.  You'll get lots of one-on-one instruction in a friendly and inclusive environment.

If you are interested in doing a little performing, we participate in Starlet Dance Studio's Review in May.   We also have a Student Showcase in September.  This gives students the chance to display their dance abilities to family and friends.  If you want to take performing to the next level, there's our professional dance troupe.